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    I'm Amanda, a 21 year old Florida girl. I'm a student at the University of North Florida, where I'm majoring in Journalism. I love music, the beach and driving. My friends are my family, and I love hanging out at the movies, the hookah bar or a rock show. I want to pick up as many useless talents as possible and to travel the world taking pictures and having good times with my best friends. For more information about me, view my About page.
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Why do weekends have to end?

Final exams just can’t get here soon enough. I can not wait until May. The last of my exams are May 1, so close and yet so far away. The following week, I’ll be starting a guitar class at the community college here for a few weeks, and the week after that I’ll be going to the beach with my family. I am so looking forward to a vacation.

I need to get back on track with my blogging, too; I like blogging daily, but making time to do it or finding something to write about has been a challenge lately.

The weekend was pretty good, despite an awesome sunburn Saturday. Friday night I took some money I’d saved up, and my mom and I went shopping so I could get some summery clothes. For reference, it is AMAZING what a well-fitted bra can do. I was trying on this top, and one of the clerks in the store went out on a limb to ask when the last time I’d been fitted was… needless to say it had been a WHILE. I know I SHOULD get it done about once a year, but… it had been about seven or eight years. Eheh. Oops?

Anyway, got new clothes. The next morning I had to be at the church to help out with the Spring Fling Craft Fair. Mom and I managed the ticket booth to let kids play on the bouncy things and climb the rockwall. After that, we picked up the Boychik, who came home with us so we could wash Mom’s and my cars. We met up with Dante and our friend the the Marlboro Girl, who is of no relation to The Pioneer Woman‘s Marlboro Man but who smokes a lot and therefore earns such a name. We got food and then watched stand-up comedians and Hitman at Dante’s.

Sunday was enjoyably uneventful. Played at church, did some studying, then picked up Dante so we could hang out for a bit. We watched Pride and Prejudice because Dante is a pushover and will generally watch whatever movie I decide he should see. (Sucker. He’s a such a sweetheart, though.)

This weekend… I’ve definitely got to keep cleaning my room. The guys and I are going to go see Forbidden Kingdom at some point, too. Other than that… I have an 8-page essay to write, joy of joys. It’s my last big thing this semester. Actually, I’ve got to register for fall classes tomorrow… Ugh. More on that tomorrow, I guess.


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