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    I'm Amanda, a 21 year old Florida girl. I'm a student at the University of North Florida, where I'm majoring in Journalism. I love music, the beach and driving. My friends are my family, and I love hanging out at the movies, the hookah bar or a rock show. I want to pick up as many useless talents as possible and to travel the world taking pictures and having good times with my best friends. For more information about me, view my About page.
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Off with her hair!

I got my hair cut last night. I definitely took off some five inches or so. It feels very, very short. It’s not SO short, but it definitely feels like it. That was the point, though, to take some of the weight off as summer starts. Summers get brutal, you know, and long, thick, heavy hair definitely does not help you stay cool.

I do like the cut, though. It’s kind of cute. At least, it is when it’s not muggy and humid and stormy outside. Between the humidity, wind and rain today, my hair has fluffed up from its pretty, smooth flat-ironed state last night. Alas, I’ll fix it tonight or tomorrow. Whenever I get time.

I’ll think about posting pictures soon. I try to avoid cameras, generally, but I really do kind of like it, so… I’ll think about it.


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