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    I'm Amanda, a 21 year old Florida girl. I'm a student at the University of North Florida, where I'm majoring in Journalism. I love music, the beach and driving. My friends are my family, and I love hanging out at the movies, the hookah bar or a rock show. I want to pick up as many useless talents as possible and to travel the world taking pictures and having good times with my best friends. For more information about me, view my About page.
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    AIM: imthatflagirl
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Just saying hi.

The play went really well, I think. I had a lot of fun, and I am still exhausted, largely because I haven’t really had a chance to just rest yet. In theory, I’ll get that after finals, around May 3 or 4. In the meantime… yes, finals are approaching. I’ve got a month until classes are over, and then I’m taking the summer off from classes in favor of working a second job or something.

I’ve got class in an hour; if my head weren’t killing me, I might actually manage a full post. Unfortunately, I presently want to crawl under a rock and die. I would so much rather be in bed toay. Watching Sweeney Todd and drinking strawberry smoothies and playing WoW.



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