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    I'm Amanda, a 21 year old Florida girl. I'm a student at the University of North Florida, where I'm majoring in Journalism. I love music, the beach and driving. My friends are my family, and I love hanging out at the movies, the hookah bar or a rock show. I want to pick up as many useless talents as possible and to travel the world taking pictures and having good times with my best friends. For more information about me, view my About page.
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Conversations with Dante: On college.

I’m in class right now, but Dante and I are chatting on Google Docs (as usual), and he summed life up pretty fantastically just now, so I thought I’d share the conversation:

Me: So how are you?
Dante: lol hehehe. I am er bored on a grand scale?
Me: I agree. Class needs to start so I can leave. At least you get to go home soon. 😛 … oh dear. Ok.
Dante: I meant bored with life as a whole. I’m almost always bored generally.
Me: Ah. Well, there is that, too. I… yeah, let’s just go with I know what you mean.
Dante: I hate the internet here, it keeps kicking me off and having me restart this computer over and over and over and over. Anyways yea, bored.:/
Me: yeah. I know. I don’t know why I haven’t dropped out of school yet. I really don’t.
Dante: Well your about done with a portion of it. No point stopping now at least.
Me: I know. That’s what I keep telling myself.
Dante: Besides its not THAT bad. . . .
Me: It IS.
Dante: lol I know. In my purest pessimistic form its a waste of time, energy, money and patience. The mere fact that you seem to be forced to do this to get anywhere in life, generally, is a good example of why I am so bored with this life, world in fact. Unless you are a genius, a prodigy, luck the fuck out or are born into riches you are a college student. For the general populous its college or dead end. YOUR saving grace is that if you had not gone to college you would probably never have met [the Boychik], I however have no such saving grace. College sucks.

Amen, and preach it!


3 Responses

  1. I’m not bored, like, ever. It’s called an anxiety disorder. Do you guys want some? ;o) P.S. Out of curiosity: what are you planning to do after you graduate?

  2. If you can believe it, I’m bored right THROUGH anxiety. Not the disorder-variety, but… I am stressing out like crazy. Constantly. And I am still so BORED with what I’m doing. It’s contradictory but I don’t know how else to explain it.

    After graduation… I’m going to at least apply to graduate school for journalism. The last thing I want is more school, but having a master’s degree would be nice, and I understand it’s easier to get one while I’m still in school mode than to go back later and get it. If I don’t get in… I’ll be job-searching, really. I would LOVE to write for a magazine like Wired, Animerica, Alternative Press, Rolling Stone… I’d love to do feature writing. So hopefully there’s that in my future.

  3. For what it’s worth, I think you’d make a great writer. Your posts are smart, eloquent, vibrant and insightful, what more could Rolling Stone ask for? :o)

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